Car Park & Workplace Safety

Traffic Signage

Signworks supplies and installs all types of road awareness signs and specialised speed signs. These types of signs are often required in high traffic areas and unit situations. Custom signs can be made to suit your situation.

Clearance Bars

Clearance bars are made from lightweight acrylic with vinyl letters and are attached by chains. Clearance bars encourage vehicle awareness and help to avoid accidents.

Safety Mirrors

Ensure road safety and vehicle awareness by installing a safety mirror for complex situations. Take the guesswork out of driving.


Prohibit parking, protect areas and ensure the safety of pedestrians in vehicle free areas. Stainless steel or wood. Sleek and modern or classic and natural. Its up to you.


Speed humps are usually required in a commercial or villa situations. Signworks supplies and installs all types of speed humps.

Workshop Safety

Workshop safety signage is essential to ensuring the safety of all employees. Made from materials that will stand the test of time, and featuring simple, clearly legible designs, Signworks ensures that employee safety is always a priority.

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